Tea And Arabic Coffee Set 19Pcs From Crown - Gold

Set Of 6 Glass Cup, 6 Saucers, 6 Cawa Cup And Suger Bowl


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    A collection that embodies the aesthetic beauty of Islamic architecture with its geometric motifs, reflecting the diverse creative expressions by combining Arab heritage and global ideas.

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     The Taj Arabic Tea and Coffee Set is a testament to the rich traditions and heritage of Arab hospitality. This set features elegant and sophisticated designs that reflect the beauty of Arab culture and arts, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to any occasion. Enjoy moments of relaxation with this tea and coffee set, ensuring a comfortable and delightful experience. The set provides everything needed for a perfect tea and coffee serving experience for guests.

    Specifications of the Taj Tea and Coffee Set:   

    • Collection Category:Arabic Tea and Coffee Set

    • Number of Pieces in the set:19 pieces

    Contents of the Set:   

     The set includes 19 diverse and ideal pieces for a luxurious hospitality experience:  

    •  6 coffee cups (istikanat) designed for elegance and comfort, allowing you to enjoy a touch of luxury while savoring your favorite coffee.

    •  6 tea cups (beyalat) of a suitable size and comfortable design for enjoying a warm cup of tea at any time of the day.

    • عدد 6 صحون مصممة تصميم متناغ 6 saucers with a harmonious and practical design to neatly and attractively hold the coffee cups or tea cupsم وعملي، لتناسب وضع الاستكانات أو البيالات عليها بشكل مرتب وجذاب.

    •  1 sugar bowl with a lid, adding a touch of relaxation and luxury to the coffee and tea serving experience. Its elegant and practical design makes serving sugar easy and stylish.

     Available Colors for the Crown Coffee Set: 

    Shine in hospitality with the most beautiful selected pieces from the distinctive and practical tea and coffee set, available in a variety of modern and elegant colors that add a unique touch to your table setting:  

     Tips for Maintaining the Taj Arabic Tea and Coffee Set:   

    Highquality hospitality pieces, especially those made from premium materials, require proper care. Here are some tips:  

    •  Wash the coffee cups, tea cups, and sugar bowl by hand using warm water and mild soap. Avoid using chemical cleaning agents to prevent damaging the product.

    •  Dry the pieces thoroughly with a soft, clean cotton towel.

    •  Store the set in a dry place, away from reach, to protect it.

    •  Avoid placing the set in microwaves or directly under flames to prevent damage.

     Features of the Taj Tea and Coffee Set:   

    The Arabic tea and coffee set comes with a range of features that make it an ideal choice for hospitality:  

    1.  Versatile use: The set includes 6 coffee cups and 6 tea cups, making it suitable for daily use or special occasions.

    2.  The set is made from highquality porcelain, adding a touch of luxury to your table.

    3.  It is an ideal choice for welcoming guests and serving coffee or tea in an elegant and sophisticated manner.

    4.  The set is available in a variety of elegant colors to suit all tastes.

    5.  This set offers excellent value for money, making it an outstanding choice for those looking for a comprehensive set with a sophisticated design and high quality.

    Experience elegance and luxury with every cup. Discover the beauty of the comprehensive tea and coffee set, and enjoy a distinguished hospitality style with Otantik Home products that add a touch of sophistication to every occasion.

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